Everybody who is involved with internet marketing has been told, over and over again, that traffic is the cornerstone of success. The maxim "the more the traffic the bigger the success" is repeated so often, that it finally got imprinted in everybody's mind. And who in his right mind can argue with that? The amount of traffic seen by a website is, after all, a measure of its popularity.

In our own, affiliate marketing, niche though, traffic without results is pointless!  What's the use of sending thousands of "visitors", with a significant cost in money or time, to a third party site, if nobody is taking any action?


I have sent exactly the same email copy to 10 safelists/mailers. I tracked the link I was promoting using my LeadsLeap free tracker.

The email was promoting a free program.

The total recipients, according to the statistics supplied by the safelists/mailers, were well over 100,000.

You can see the tracked clicks on the left.

I have blurred the names of all the safelists that did not yield any results, as is not my purpose here to discredit them.

I did goof up and sent the same email to FreeAdvertisingForYou twice without changing the "tracker" for the link.  So the relevant stats correspond to two emails. But even with that in mind, and considering that its total membership is below 4000, the clickthrough rates are exceptionally high!

On the left you can see the results as recorded by the program I was promoting.

Out of ten programs, only two have brought results, in the form of signups.

PromoteAdsPayPro brought the more signups
 - 7 signups for 84 unique clicks! That means that approximately one out of ten people who have clicked, have also signed-up! That is a very good signups/clicks rate, for a free program, and on par with some of the paid email-promotion services.

FreeAdvertisingForYou brought 5 signups -
3 on the first mail and 2 more on the second.

411 clicks, from the rest of the programs, did not bring any signups at all!

Your results could be different, depending on what you promote, on your email copy, even on the time and day you launch your campaign.  The one single thing though that will never change is the necessity to use a tracker! Your time and money are too valuable to waste it on pointless traffic!

"Success requires first expending ten units of effort to produce one unit of success.     Your momentum will then produce ten units of results with each unit of effort"  Charles J. Givens