Once upon a time, not so long ago, traffic exchanges was an easy, free, and quite an effective way to promote your affiliate links.  Nowadays there is a justifiable tendency, amongst marketers, to underestimate the value of traffic exchanges as a marketing tool.

The notion that the exchanges don't contribute anything anymore in ones marketing efforts, derives mostly from the lack of obvious and immediate results.

What I am asserting though, with a lot of confidence, is that traffic exchanges are still one of the best free ways to indirectly promote your programs, by directly promoting ...yourself! 

romoting yourself can be as simple as showing your face and mentioning your name!

he one exchange that particularly excels in providing the proper tools for doing exactly that, is Hungry For Hits.  Their "Profile Page Creator", is the perfect widget to easily create a simple promotional page, with your name and pic and the links to any program you may wish!  Their busy chat bar, is yet another easy and fun way to get seen and be known!

In today's highly competitive marketing scene not even one arrow in your quiver should be left unused!

fter you join, spent just five minutes to set up your personal page, and then head for the chat bar to introduce yourself.  Chatting and surfing at the same time is easy and fun, and in no time at all, you will have surf the 100 pages required to get your signup bonus of 1000 hits, 1000 banner views, and 1000 text ads.  Plus a dollar that you may exchange for a short upgrade or just keep for cashing out later!