New Bitcoin faucets are spawning quicker than mushrooms in a hot and humid Amazon jungle!  And for a lot of them, life expectancy is almost as short as a mushroom!  Once in a while though some of them manage to stand out from the rest and they seem to be destined for something greater.

The following three are prime examples of new faucets that seem, with considerable certainty, to be Kapok trees instead!

Based on the same principle as, where you decide how often to claim. (The faucet will gradually fill up - quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time - until you make a claim).  Just like Moon Bitcoin, you can increase your claim amounts by up to 500% by taking advantage of Daily Loyalty BonusReferral BonusMining Bonus, Offers Bonus and a Mystery Bonus!

There is though a big difference in claim rates!
  In this aspect Instant BTC is more than a match for its more famous adversary!  Compare their rates, for yourself, here! 

Instant withdrawals at your XAPO wallet, with a very low 50 satoshi minimum, but only after you have had an initial activating payout of 1250 satoshi.


Immaculate design, completely unique script and a lot of different ways to get some coins.  Their basic faucet runs every hour and is based on a number-roll game.  But if you stay just on that you will be only scratching the surface. There is a vast array of different ways to earn!  Surveys, videos, offers, games, mining, plus a very interesting coin-earning strategy game!


As its name suggests, a multi-coin faucet that offers a choice of claiming in no less than 19 different crypto coins!  And you can claim every 4 minutes! They do have a very convenient coins exchange plus some lucky games where you can earn some free coins. There is also an active chat with an interesting quiz game that rewards every correct answer with some Satoshi!  Instant, no-minimum, Bitcoin withdrawals at your FaucetHub micro wallet!